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One of our favourite booths at this year’s KBIS show was the boys over at Kalamazoo. If you are after the Lamborgini of grills then look no further. Kalamazoo grills combine gas, charcoal and wood fired cooking options for unmatched versatility all under one hood. Giving the convenience of gas with the flavour that only cooking with charcoal or wood gives. Each piece is built by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan and signed by the Master Craftsmen. It’s that kind of attention to detail that you don’t get with other brands.

The grills got us drooling, but by far our favourite piece was their Gaucho wood fired grill. There is something satisfyingly primitive about cooking over an open flame that’s hard to beat. With adjustable 30″ stainless steel wheel to adjust elevation for that perfect flavour, this wood-fired grill that makes you feel like a high tech caveman.

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